^A Secure Home Still Provides A Bitter Cup^

^A Secure Home Still Provides A Bitter Cup^
~You found a niche to hunker down in, the months/years slide by; people start to die at a faster pace & one day you look in the mirror and do not recognize that old animal wearing your face. America & holding your breath has had you. You shot your wad & hunkered down so long, you can’t stand up! A secure home still provides you a Bitter Cup….~






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^Friends.. how many of us have them?^

“Friends.. how many of us have them? I obviously have none.” – said someone I care about…and she was talking accurately and brave to tell the truth. – My response: “I’d say you were mostly accurate about not having friends…we have familiar faces, we have sometimes friendly faces, we have some of the faces sometimes acting as a friend, temporarily. Is that real friends? No. – Everyone around you is part of the Mass Hypnosis; they are not your friends, they are Hypnotized Acquaintances who will sell you out time after time when you need them. That’s American Society. It’s the same for all of us. If you stop noticing it; like they have, then you are numb and for all purposes, a Zombie or Sleepwalker or Numbie or whatever you want to call it, but nobody’s friend….this is America.”


true friends2

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^Test Results Confirm^

^Test Results Confirm^

~Test results came back on my biopsies of my Colon; great news; no cancer, no pre-cancer….I am very happy to be over the hurdle. 3 years after I left the Hospital, 2 Colonoscopies, no polyps, no Cancer. The doctors who fucked me up told me to expect Cancer and soon, they caused me to lose body parts and live in pain but at least no cancer yet. Hell, most of the people I know are already overwhelmed by the pain they carry around; so I could be worse off, I could be overwhelmed like they are; like most of us are and I was,,,,, for a short while as I came back from totally helpless DEBILITATION; to being the strong sexual angel I am now; full of spunk, sperm and NO DESPAIR!! Now you tell me how conforming to the norms is the best way to go, again? What? You aren’t telling me? Why not? – Answer: cause you know the frackin’ conformist shit is killing you now!! You know it! >Better break free while you still can!~

face spunky old1

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^God Is Not On Your Side^

^God Is Not On Your Side^

Sure,”God” is on the side of those who pray to HER to help them kill the “enemy”. Sure, that makes sense that this omnipotent figure would choose a bunch of monkeys waving the stupid flag with stars and stripes over another bunch of ignorant twin monkeys waving some other flag. Sure, an omnipotent being who supposedly created us all is gonna have favorites and help HER creations kill the other ones she created. Sure? NOT!! – “God” and Armies do not mix!! There is no God in America, only stupid selfish Monkeys with their delusions of grandeur and manifest destiny. All living in man-made Hell already, right here in America. How you liking this Hell stupid monkey?

Convoy duty

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^They All Claim ‘God Told Me’^

^They All Claim ‘God Told Me’^

“God told me…” – “I asked God for…” – “God did a miracle…” – “God wants you to…” – “If you love God…” – “I prayed for God to…” – The minute someone says any of this or posts a Meme saying these kind of things you can know that this Charlatan has no connection to “God” because if they did they wouldn’t speak like God has appointed them messenger. God does not speak to us as if another dumb Human Primate does, that is just the person’s ego fooling themselves & the person is trying to sell that package to us & the world. And boy do people here on Facebook endlessly try to sell that shit, huh? Someone told me tonite that God spoke in the room they were in…..all the while showing she is just egotistical and delusional….We got self-proclaimed Medicine Women, Preachers, Make-believe Santa Claus, Buddhists & Pagans galore posting ego stuff, all trying to say God speaks to them above all others. They will set us straight cause they are “special”….all the time they continue to shallow breathe, pump adrenaline & live aggressively and in full-time suffering. Yeh baby, some fucking messenger of God you are….NOT!! – You are Pat Robertson, you are Tony Roberts, you are the Fucking Pope in your mind and yet we see you as just another lying asshole claiming to wield the power of and to know God….. Lying asshole, you need to go cry a while and then come back and post something real…

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^The Life & Death & Reincarnation Of A Neo-Buddhist^

^The Life & Death & Reincarnation Of A Neo-Buddhist^

~She was a devout Neo-Buddhist that I was lovers w/for a while, till I saw she would not give up her adrenaline/misery addiction. She paid her tithes to various shyster Tibetan/Zen Gurus. She later gave up sex, after serial failures w/men; a nervous wreck who could only sit still when she was faking Meditation and head-tripping her ass off from the high doses of Adrenaline and stress she was addicted to. She expected to escape Samsara at some point so when she died alone and no enlightenment ever happened she was surprised as she watched the playback of her life to evaluate her own progress. She knew then that her devotion to Cult Buddhism was the worse drug she ever got addicted to; gave up bodily pleasures and love, stop loving almost everyone; for nailing herself to a cross just like all those Cult Christians. It’s funny but we will laugh at our religion when we die; laugh at our pious lying bullshit; then back to Bubbleland to let the soul send another personality back here to human la la land; yes she’ll do it again. What phony religion will she choose this time ya think? Look what your Religion/Atheism is doing to you. It’s overwhelmed you too. You are helpless and will not evolve, your life is fucking over; that’s the choice, isn’t it?~


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^Your Ears Are Burning Hot^

^Your Ears Are Burning Hot^
~Which one of the many is talking you down right now? She told me about your drug issues, your friend told me how you tried to hit on them though you were both in other relationships. >That old lover told me you were useless and cold in bed, even your relatives say you were emotionally weak. Which of the many others who have their opinion of your many failures is talking you down right now? This is the hell-world we share with each other. (….now hon, take a deep breath and let yourself cry…)~



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^The Silence Is Burning^ ~~(The Epic Tale Of Joyful Grieving~~)

^The Silence Is Burning^ ~~(The Epic Tale Of Joyful Grieving~~)

~The silence we learned
burns people up.

You got
a comfortable enough
but you got no peace
because you sit
in judgment
of us lesser beings.

We are tried
and found guilty
and rejected by you
for our human failings.
The price you pay
is you only have your own
rambling voices
for company;
the rest of us just aren’t good enough
for you to share
how much
your heart is aching.

The silence you learned
is burning you up;
soon nothing but ashes…..
The silence we learned
is burning us up…..
I see and feel
those flames and ashes!

I feel the flames
crawling up my arms
and legs;
eating me alive!
You feel those flames of oblivion
as you cry,
“Oh God, not yet!”
“Oh God, not yet!”

So cut that bullshit jive;
stop that silent burning,
rebirth those falling ashes
before the winds of time
blow us
completely away
into a forgotten name,
misplaced face.
Forgotten chances to live and love;
the winds of time
burning us into ashes and dust.

The Silence is burning….~



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^The Redundant Pain Cycle^

^The Redundant Pain Cycle^

~The Redundant Punishment
rewards us
with Redundant Pain.
It throws
our Brain Chemistry
out of wack,
and the longer
you let yourself
take hurtful things,
the harder
to get a balanced
Brain Chemistry back! >


It’s like smoking Crack
and the pain is addictive
to our Shadow Side.~



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^Another Boring Poet^

^Another Boring Poet^

~You speak in what you think
are colorful metaphors.
Some of it is understandable
but most of it
is airy-fairy
and don’t tell the truth
about yourself
or reveal anything.
It’s a big brass bell
without any ring
or sting,
because you conform
to the dogma
of “poetic form & structure.”
Make it safe,
make it sound
like a long form jingle.

You think
that really creates art?
It just gives me boredom
trying to read
what is not from you
being torn apart
and putting
back together.

You oughta grow some balls
and quit pretending
you are spewing art
when it’s just another
Conformist Mind Fart.

Where is the real you?
Ah… conformity took you out
quietly long ago;
there is no life
in that pose,
that form.
The real you?
Buried under decades
of self-suppression,
with drink and drugs
and some Shekels
from some social connection

There is no life
in that pose,
that form.
You’re just
Boring Poet >
waiting to leave that hell-hole
of redundant dull pain,
and be reborn…~



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